Versatile laser systems

Our Lion Laser laser systems are versatile and have high precision in use. These laser engraving and cutting machines are therefore used in many different industries

Laser systems in the industrial sector

For the industrial sector, our high-performance laser systems offer a host of solutions to innovate and improve the production process. Precise cutting, welding, engraving and coding of various material types is no problem for Lion Lasers’ systems.

In the production and manufacturing industry, laser engraving and cutting machines are widely used for cutting, marking and engraving a wide range of materials. Lasers are used to make parts for machines, cars, planes and electronics, for example. Also for engraving serial numbers, logos and information on products. For our client Secrid, an automated engraving laser has provided an increase in production capacity and product traceability.

Lasers for the medical sector

In the medical sector, traceability is a key requirement. The identification ensures better
traceability of devices and is in the interest of patient safety and faster detection of counterfeits. Some of our clients operate in the medical sector. Especially for the medical industry, we developed the Lion Fiber Medical, the marking laser specifically for coding or marking medical instruments. With a hair-fine laser beam, your precious instruments are provided with a small data matrix code, QR code or even a sleek logo or automatic text in seconds.

Advertising and marketing

Laser machines and engraving machines are widely used in the advertising and marketing industry to create attractive and eye-catching signs, displays, promotional products and other materials. For example, these machines are used for cutting and engraving acrylic, wood, leather and other materials.

Art & design and laser systems

In the art and design world, laser machines and engraving machines are used to create unique and intriguing works of art. For example, Lion Lasers had the opportunity to produce the wooden facade of Venlo’s town hall. Attention to individual details can visually embellish works of art. The creative possibilities in this are endless. Laser machines can be used to cut and engrave materials such as wood, glass, metal and ceramics.

Laser systems in architecture and construction

In the architecture and construction industries, laser machines are widely used to create precise patterns and designs in materials such as metal, stone and wood. For example, our machines can be used for cutting building materials and making models and models.


Education likes to use laser systems Laser machines and engraving machines are increasingly used in education. In classes, laser machines are not only used to make prototypes, but increasingly complete lessons are taught around their use. This will give students enough experience to get started in the future.

TU Delft, for example, uses our laser systems for education and research within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Engineering & Technical Materials Science. Lion Laser laser systems are also used at secondary schools and colleges. The Rijks has a special Technasium direction where youngsters can learn about engineering, technical physics and industrial design, among others. In doing so, a Lion Laser is part of the educational programme.

Laser systems are versatile

In short, our laser machines and engraving machines are used in many different industries and sectors because of their enormous versatility and precision. Lion Laser Lasers offer an efficient and accurate way to cut, mark and engrave materials, ensuring faster production, better quality and greater creativity and flexibility in the design process.

Questions or want to know more?

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