What are the maintenance costs of a laser machine?

This is a question we regularly get at Lion Lasers, but one that is not very easy to answer. If you clean the laser engraving machine regularly, once a year service should be enough. This keeps the laser machine working properly and extends its lifetime.

Service and maintenance of laser systems

The maintenance costs of laser systems depend partly on how well the laser machine is kept clean and whether the engraving machine is checked preventively. There are also other important aspects that can affect the maintenance costs and lifetime of your laser machine:

Regular inspection
It is important to carry out regular visual inspection of the laser machine to check for wear, cracks, corrosion or other problems. This can detect problems at an early stage and help prevent them from developing further.

The regular cleaning of the inside of the machine is very important. Accumulation of dirt or dust can cause malfunctions or uneven engravings. Note: never clean the lens or mirrors yourself. Always do this in consultation with Lion Lasers.

Training and education
is important to ensure that personnel operating the laser machine are properly trained and educated to use the machine correctly and keep it clean.

In general, it is important to draw up a good service and maintenance plan for the laser machine to ensure that it continues to work optimally and has a long life. This can also help avoid unexpected costs and increase productivity.

Service and maintenance by Lion Lasers

We offer a maintenance contract as standard upon purchase. Usually, a service visit once a year is enough. With intensive use and a dirty environment, we recommend having service carried out twice a year. We also offer an S.L.A. In this Service Level Agreement, we can offer a fully customised service package based on the customer’s requirements. This is often chosen when there are more than 2 laser engravers on site.

At Lion Lasers, good service is very important. At any time, we will try to answer your questions as well and quickly as possible. By the great knowledge in our Lion Lasers team, we are able to give you very solid and proper advice.

Support is always nearby
We offer a high level of support, both remotely and on-site. If we cannot help you further by phone, we will be happy to plan a visit to your location. All our employees have extensive knowledge of laser systems, as we design and build our lasers ourselves in the Netherlands!

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