Aluminium, Stainless steel, Monel, hardened steel, precious metals, brass etc.


Laser engraving, laser cutting or laser encoding of (hardened) metal, (stainless) steel, titanium, gold, brass, copper, aluminium, etc. This also works for coated, anodised or chromed surfaces. As our professional Lion Laser systems are able to face any kind of challenge. We will find a suited solution for all metal-laser questions.

By engraving metal with a laser, you can mark different components and make them securely trackable. For example, adding batch numbers or serial numbers during the production process. Even in the creative sector, it can be used for a personal characteristic or a way of promoting. We would like to contribute to sustaining and optimising your production process.

Laser cutting and laser welding will of course be done by the LionAlpha Metal, our unique laser machine for plate and preformed products. The Lion Laser system is universally deployable, and the design and corresponding extensions offer an optimal ease of use.

Suitable laser systems to carry out this process: