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Encoding with a laser system

Encoding with a laser system

Although not many people know it, many products are being marked with lasers. You will meet many examples in daily life without notice. The brand name on your kitchen water tap, the serial number on your mobile phone, the digits on the dashboard of your car and even the letters on your keyboard. But also on food and packaging, like the expiration date on the soup can for a quick meal. And in the near future your Sunday morning egg could be laser marked by our CO2 lasers.

Still I come across many food products that have expiration dates that can be replaced by laser marking. The advantages are enormous. Not just on costs, but working conditions, flexibility and durability can be improved by switching to laser marking. The system may be a bit more expensive compared to ink systems, but the running costs are much lower. No more ink to buy, no more messy results, no jammed ink heads, stains or production delays.

It could result in a small change of the packing or adjustment in print. You may need a dark printed background so the laser can remove the printing ink and make a high contrast mark. The barrier layer of perishable goods need extra attention. But in practice there is always a suitable place for a good laser mark, even if the packing is designed for a minimum material thickness. And even natural packing like egg shells seam to be resistant to a laser mark.

Through direct cost reduction (on ink and service) of a laser encoder should be a few years. Savings on indirect costs can be surprisingly high. In the case of a soup manufacturer the cost reduction on 3 laser encoders was within 1 year. The problems they had in the past with the ink systems made large quantities of expiration dates unreadable. Big batches soup had to be destroyed, only because the faulty expiration date!

Lion Lasers is happy to test the feasibility of laser encoding your products. We believe there is a lot to gain in the area of cost and durability of product markings.