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LionFiber Automatic

Automatic laser engraving machine


Custom build for SECRID BV


Secrid manufactures high quality products based on the ultra-thin Card Protector. This anodized aluminum product must be identified and provided with a unique and scannable product code. Secrid sets extremely high standards for appearance quality of their card protectors that are completely developed and produced in the Netherlands.

LionFiber Automatic


Lion Lasers has developed a fully automated system for engraving the Secrid Cardprotector. The advanced laser technology of the Lion Fiber Nano in two different engraving heads provides the logo engraving on the outside and a unique product code in data matrix format on the inside of the protector. Secrid’s self-developed transport systems which ensures the scratch-free transportation of products can be placed directly in the production machine. The Cardprotectors are handled by the system piece by piece with great care which guarantees a scratch-free operation.

LionFiber Automatic