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Laser engraving of denim, leather and wood


Powered by Lion Laser Systems BV


In 2011 Dirk op ‘t Eynde from Launch Fashion came to Lion Lasers as ‘Launching Customer’ asking if we could build a laser system for engraving denim and leather. He had seen it in America and wanted to apply this technique in Europe. We also thought it was a great idea so we made a project of it.



First we built a prototype 30 Watt laser which was tested by Launch Fashion immediately. Then this was followed by the much faster current Lion Jeans 80 Watt laser with full enclosure. This machine can engrave materials so quickly that it’s much more economical than conventional laser engraving systems. Not only denim and leather but also wood products are engraved by our Jeans Laser. Our Lion Jeans has made several appearances in the stores of De Bijenkorf, Uncover Lab and Just Brands. Because the (almost magical) laser process is clearly visible, it is a huge attention grabber for shoppers.


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