JetCleaning / BicarBlast

Next-level Laser cleaning

By the end of 2018 Lion Laser started collaborating with JetCleaning BV, at the time known as BicarBlast BV. JetCleaning is a worldly operating company that designs unique cleaning products and machines for the flexographic printing industry. They offer products to clean anilox rolls and all that is needed to inspect and protect these rolls.

From JetCleaning we got the request to design a system for the cleaning of anilox rolls and sleeves. This laser system was meant to offer a sustainable alternative to replace the common cleaning method with chemicals and beams with bicarbonate. In addition to this, there was also the desire to reach the highest cleaning quality as possible, without damaging the superfine grid. We did it and are very proud of it.

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The mission


Both Jet Cleaning’s knowledge in the field of anilox rolls and our knowledge of lasers was really put on the test. After a period of thorough research, lots of testing and endless meetings, the design was finally optimised and led to our first edition. The AL1500 was a fact! Ready to be tested in the field by a big producer of flexible wrappings. As our innovative competitors damaged the grid on a micro level, the AL1500 appeared to have not even wreaked any measurable damage after 250 cleaning courses. And still there was a reproducible cleaning effect. According to one of the printers, it was “The best invention since bread”, mission accomplished! Mission accomplished!

After this it went really fast! Another four machines of the first design (AL900/ AL1700/ IL8000) have since then been produced. Besides the variation in size, there were also a few improvements implemented in response to field-testing of the first system. All variants have already been delivered and successfully put to use. Meanwhile, there are now 8 different variants in the field, and they are all working up to everyone’s satisfaction. Our last laser systems were delivered to the customer by the end of 2021.

From the start on we have seen the potential in this project, hence we put in a lot of time and effort. This is why the success of this development, or rather this unique laser system, makes us even more proud.

Click on the link to see the promotion video of our first model: AL1500

Click on the link to see the promotion video of our first Inline variant: IL8000

Interested in purchasing this system? Please contact our partner JetCleaning B.V. for more information.