Recemat is specialised in metal foam. This is a very open and porous material, a real niche product, for industrial applications like catalyst carriers, oil mist separators, diffusers, electrodes, etc. Mechanical processing is possible, but it does require a special treatment. For example, it cannot just be strained to a milling machine or a lathe.

Up until 2021 the cutting of flat plates was outsourced. This was either laser cutting, water beam-cutting, or EDM. All set up to the type of foam and the requirements of the application. With our new laser system, the LionAlpha Metal, we can now perform almost all cutting jobs by ourselves. Nickel (chrome), copper, aluminium; there are lots of metal foams, but the LionAlpha Metal laser can handle it all.

Since the standard sizes of the material are no bigger than 900×600 MM (35.43 x 23.62 inch) the Alpha is a very modest and suitable laser cutting machine. We no longer need to outsource the cutting of products up to 3 mm (0.12 inch) thick, we can now do it ourselves! We are very happy with the LionAlpha, and the Alpha is very happy with us. Therefore, it would like to show its possibilities to you!